Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympics - Day 9

the Norwegian threat, originally uploaded by Jenn Platt.
This guy* has been my favorite fan so far. Better than the hockey fan with the spinning red light on his helmet, better than the guys in the bunny suits, even better than the kid with six Canadian flag temporary tattoos on her face (though I got a picture of her too).

I didn't expect the level of excitement and endearingly dorky national pride that I saw at ski jumping.

From the cheap seats the crowd definitely made the whole trip (all seven hours of bus, train, car, and feet) worth it.

Everyone cheered whoever went the farthest. Even the viking hat guys cheered for the Swiss gold medalist. And there were cowbells all around.

Now I just need to get my own cowbell before the next hockey game. A girl can only yell so much for every goal.

*Viking guy didn't get arrested, though when the cops came to check his backpack he asked them to watch it while he went for a fresh beer.


  1. The Viking guy is hilairous - Moar Beers! xD And I love your video of the ski jump! That looks like so much fun! YAY COWBELL!

  2. Viking guy is the best. And cowbells improve all sporting situations. I'm beginning to wonder if they'd improve other things like dinners and subway rides.


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