Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympics - Day 10

panda fan, originally uploaded by Jenn Platt.
From Slovakia vs China womens hockey, I bring you Panda Fan.

He defied any attempt to take his picture. Near, far, still, or on the run, his head is always blurry.

He was one of the top fans yesterday. There was also pink cowboy hat girl, and guy who was pressed against the glass anytime a chinese payer went by.

Somehow during the Olympics all this gratuitous national pride is charming rather than annoying. It almost made me want an 'American' shirt to cheer for the USA.

I'll just have to settle for the three Canadian ones I got.

Anyway. Our game was Slovakia vs China, which made us eternally grateful to have seen Canada vs Sweden. Slovakia was constantly losing the puck. China couldn't get it together past their sub-par passing game to score much. And most of the game was spent in the corners, trying to dig the puck out with as many players involved as possible (like six or seven).

On the upside, it wasn't crowded, and there was Panda Fan.

If there had been drinkable beer, it would have been perfect.

Next time I'll sneak some rum in.

*I've hit my flickr video limit for the month but I promise an Olympics final cut as soon as I get to a computer with After Effects.

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