Friday, February 12, 2010

Olympics - Day 1

 For a very short time this will be less of a short story blog and more of a travel one.

I am now in Blaine Washington, less than twenty miles from Vancouver and only six days from seeing my first event. The Canadian TV that we can pick up is showing the Olympic torch relay all day. I've been watching it in the vain hope that someone will come on and explain why Arnold Schwarzenegger was carrying the torch this morning. So far they replay the footage, but no one seems to think it's strange that he was in among all the Canadians running, jogging, walking, and rolling the torch along.

Tonight we're watching the Opening Ceremony (keeping a keen eye out for any CG enhancement).

For now I'm testing out how to upload things to Flickr. So far I have some lovely shots of Sea-Tac from last night. Enjoy!

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