Saturday, February 27, 2010

Olympics - Day 14

white belts, originally uploaded by Jenn Platt.
We went to see men's curling, Canada vs Sweden, and Norway vs Switzerland.

And we did see that. It was very exciting.


We also saw the pants. Yes, the ones in the picture. They're really the Norwegian uniform. And I bet everyone thought they were done hearing about what the Norwegians were wearing.

Actually, that is it for the pants and the Norwegians.

What else could I say about those pants?

There were a lot of older fans. Much older fans. Blue hair fans, I think. And ironically a guy buying beer whose shirt said 'this isn't your grandmother's sport'.

The older ladies and gents (who liked to loudly reminisce about how curling used to be and comment on how young all the players were) sat behind us. In front there were several empty seats. Until the other curling teams showed up. We sat near the women's team from Great Britain, and the German men's team. And the Estonian men's team. And the Dutch men's team.

Which was much more exciting than I thought it would be when I told people I had curling tickets with a sheepish shrug. It turns out it really is interesting, with strategy, and precision, and cowbells.

I really need a cowbell for next time.

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  1. OMG! I watched this...on my mother's living WAS fascinating. Who would have thought?


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